A Steamy Encounter

Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere.

RO :

Valentine’s Day nu celebreaza doar iubirea, ci si latura ei pasionala. Acea latura interzisa ce ni se arata impachetata in gesturi tandre si vine prinsa cu o funda rosie satinata. Edgy, misterioase, nonconformiste si emanand sex-appeal, unele piese vestimentare sunt create pentru a complimenta silueta feminina, ademenindu-te in spatele usilor inchise si invitandu-te sa iti lasi imaginatia sa zboare. Cortina s-a ridicat si te afli prins intr-o alta lume, intr-o poveste interzisa in care ea este eroina, de o frumusete rapitoare. Plin de mister, portretul se contureaza ca fiind in egala masura visator si puternic. Tu nu esti decat un observator, poti privi dar nu poti atinge.

EN :

Valentine’s Day celebrates not just love, but the passionate side of love. That side that comes tied in a satin bow. Edgy, mysterious, wicked and exuding sex-appeal, the majestic garments are taking you behind the closed doors, inviting you to surrender your imagination to the dark side. It’s like the curtain has been pulled aside and you find yourself caught in another world, a fairytale in which she plays the heroine, the ghostly beauty. Built out on mystery, her portrait is equal parts dreamy and powerful. You’re the voyeur, you can look but you can’t touch.

In acel loc in care moda se situeaza la limita dintre ingenuitate si erotism, limita ce devine din ce in ce mai vaga, nu conteaza cat de revelatoare este povestea, sau cat de dezbracat este trupul, atunci cand cadrul este plasat in atmosfera perfecta, in noptile tarzii ce par a fi eterne, soapta plina de dorinta devine asurzitoare.

In a place where the lines between fashion and eroticism become vaguer and vaguer day by day, no matter how revealing the story, or how unclothed the body is, in the perfect atmosphere the whisper of desire becomes louder and louder.

Odata ce ochiul este captivat de transparenta, accesorii de tip portjartier si topuri cu cupe ce isi au radacinile adanc infipte in formele lenjeriei intime , in acel moment ei dau frau liber imaginatiei…

With the lines between reality and fantasy blurred, when the eyes catch a glimpse of transparency, suspenders and lingerie inspired items, the imagination starts working wild.

Have a sinful Valentine’s Day!

Until the next time, don’t forget to be naughty!


Rochie Transparenta / Bare Dress : Murmur

Top / Bra Top : Murmur

Fusta / Temptation Skirt : Murmur

Pantofi / Heels : Zara

Photo & Retouch : Andrei Breier