In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.

Coco Chanel



She’s a wild spirit , a charmer , it’s all her , creator and muse , writing down her own story…

A story that brings the extravagant , the utter romantic , the sexy , the nonconformist , all together , aiming to portray the modern-day woman with a high sense of fashion, the kind around whom you can sense the tension building up, that intense , unpredictable young woman. Some might say reckless , he says : an unexpectedly beautiful storm.

In fact , walking a mile in her shoes requires a certain lightheartedness ,while acting out her

fashion fantasies…


He’s a dreamer , a rebellious soul , his devil-may-care attitude breaks the silence when no words can be spoken.


Having an eye for art , he managed to infuse every photo with both mystery and danger , each of them holding that otherworldly atmosphere.



In this enigmatic space , where fashion meets madness , Step Into My Heels rises veiled by a strange aura.

Take a seat , the show is about to begin…

Founded in 2014 by Ionela Oarcas and her partner Andrei Breier, Step Into My Heels has become a source of inspiration for the modern woman.

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