Rural settings in photos feel like a breath of fresh air. Every now and then it’s really nice to unplug from technology, just to experience the simple life. There’s a certain feeling that comes from being alone with the nature, the silence, the thoughts, the taste of freedom… it helps you think, it makes you want to start again.


At the beginning of the new year, the field appears to be echoing the voice of the past, bearing the sign of the time passing by, as if it is time for you to leave everything behind…it’s time to finish the unfinished business.


When closing your eyes, you are traveling past a thousand courses you refused to abandon, a hundred roads without a destination so, darling, it’s time…

You’re nothing but a soul striving to find the way through the dark, to find its own path paved with roses and smiles so, darling, it’s time…

Don’t you see it, you fool? The sun after the storm, the light guiding your steps? Just stop thinking, listen to your inner voice so, darling, it’s time…



PS : I was in a hurry so I haven’t got the time to write it in romanian too.


Until the next time, don’t forget to be fabulous!




Pulover / Sweater : Venera Arapu

Pantaloni / Pants : designed by Oana Lupas

Pantofi / Shoes : Bershka

Photo & Retouch : Andrei Breier

Locatie / Location : Wonderland Cluj Resort

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