RO :

Cu siguranta ai avut parte de multe dimineti lenese vara asta. Acele dimineti in care abia te ridici din pat si tot ce iti doresti este sa arunci pe tine un tricou oarecare si jeansii aceia uzati in care te simti atat de bine. In astfel de zile, avem nevoie atat de confortul pe care ni-l asigura o pereche de tenisi, cat si de increderea pe care ne-o confera pantofii stiletto.

EN :

I bet you’ve had plenty of lazy mornings, during the summertime, when all you wanted to do, after finally rolling out of bed,   was to put on a T-shirt and some worn out jeans.Those were the days when you wanted to feel both comfortable and confident.


Din fericire, pantofii sport se bucura de un moment de popularitate, fiind purtati cu (aproape) orice si cand spun “orice”, ma refer si la fuste sau rochii, intregul look pastrand totusi aerul acela modern. Doar vesti bune, daca este sa ne raportam la pantofii cu toc care ne cam dau batai de cap, in special in zilele toride de vara.

Luckily, sneakers have been having a serious moment and we’ve noticed that they can be worn with (almost) everything, even with skirts and dresses and still look fashion-forward. Great news ‘cause high heels can be really painful, especially on a hot summer day!


Ei bine, pantofii sport nu mai sunt demult destinati doar sportului! Cu toate acestea, cum reusim sa compunem o tinuta cool, iar nu una banala?

Mixeaza piesele casual si cele sport pentru a compune tinute cu atitudine! In zilele fierbinti de vara, nimic nu bate o rochie deschisa la culoare, dintr-un material usor. Adauga o pereche de pantofi sport si tinuta ta va capata influente atletice. Obsesia mea fata de alb-negru ma forteaza sa pastrez lucrurile simple, insa o pereche de pantofi sport intr-o nuanta neon ar putea fi alegerea perfecta, in acest context!

Guess what? Sneakers aren’t just for the gym anymore! But how to make your outfit scream “cool” ?

You must walk the line between casual and sporty. On a summer day, nothing beats a white dress, made out of weightless material. Add a pair of sneakers and transform the entire outfit into the athletic inspired look you’ve dreamed of! Since I’m a black and white addict, I decided to keep things simple, but a pair of neon sneakers couldn’t feel more perfect in this case!





Until the next time, don’t forget to be fabulous!




Rochie / Dress : Murmur

Pantofi Sport / Sneakers : Nike Air Max 90

Photo&Retouch : Andrei Breier

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